Hidden in the Hills? Preliminary fieldwork results from Pimple Hill, Herefordshire
Tom Elliot  1@  , Gerry Ronan  1@  , Julie Birchenall  2@  , Tom Lawrence  3@  , Jack Rowe  4@  
1 : Independent Researcher
2 : University of Manchester
3 : Oxford Archaeology
4 : University of Worcester

Inland and upland locations have historically been a neglected aspect of Mesolithic Studies in southern Britain. This has particularly been the case for the West Midlands and the Anglo-Welsh border region, where limited archaeological investigation more generally has created a gap in research. Consequently, although this is changing, limited information has been gained towards understanding the relationships between sites in this region and those in more intensively studied landscapes such as the Severn Estuary to the south-west. This paper presents the preliminary results of fieldwork investigations into an extensive series of Mesolithic lithic scatters on the Herefordshire/ Worcestershire border. It details initial analysis of the artefacts discovered, the results of doctoral research towards geochemical sourcing of artefacts from these sites and the implications for mobility at the national scale, and directions for future research in this region.

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