More than stones? A survey for Mesolithic sites in Northwestern Germany
Svea Mahlstedt  1@  
1 : Lower Saxony Institute of historical coastal research  (NIhK)  -  Website
Viktoriastr. 26/28 26382 Wilhelmshaven -  Allemagne

The Mesolithic in Northwestern Germany so far has been characterised by silex finds from surface scatters and some excavated sites containing fire pits. Only few sites have given insight into the wider range of organic material as they were situated on the rim of lakes and peat bogs.

A current project is dedicated to the search for well-preserved Mesolithic sites. Surveys are conducted on selected sites along the edges of bigger peat bogs, the border between sandy upland and the marshes as well as along little kettle bogs.

This paper is giving an overview about survey methods from field walking, coring and the use of mega-drills to small test trenches in water-logged surroundings. First results of the current project are being presented. A tight cooperation between archaeologists, soil scientists and botanists provide new insights into small-scale landscape development reconstructions in the surrounding of the sites, which are essential for the further direction, and success of the project.

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