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Accommodate or relocate. Adaption strategies to shore level displacement in eastern Norway during the Mesolithic
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Present-day global warming has great consequences, both for individuals and on a larger scale. However, environmental changes also affected people's everyday life in the past. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how Early Holocene populations coped with landscapes in transformation.


In the Oslofjord area the shorelines moved from approximately 200 to 40 above present day sea level during the Mesolithic (c.9300–3900 cal BC), and shore line displacements and landscape changes were thereby also a key factor for the population that lived in the regions archipelago landscape. Based on analysis of 535 critically selected Stone Age sites and excavation results from the centrally positioned residential area Havsjødalen in Norway, the author discuss four common adaption strategies to a changing sea level, both for single sites and regionally; to accommodate, relocate, protect, or not respond to the changing environment.

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