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Muge Portal: A new digital platform for the last hunter-gatherers of the Tagus Valley, Portugal
Célia Gonçalves  1, *@  , Cláudia Umbelino  1, 2@  , Ana Gomes  1@  , César Gonçalves  3@  , Cláudia Costa  1@  , Joana Belmiro  1@  , João Cascalheira  1@  , João Luís Cardoso  1, 4@  , José Rodrigues  3@  , Lino André  1@  , Marielba Zacarias  3@  , Marina Évora  1@  , Mauro Figueiredo  3@  , Nuno Bicho  1@  , Patrícia Monteiro  1@  , Ricardo Miguel Godinho  1@  , Roxane Matias  1@  , Vera Aldeias  1, 5@  
1 : Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour  (ICArEHB)  -  Website
FCHS, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas 8005-139 Faro -  Portugal
2 : Research Centre for Anthropology and Health  (CIAS)
3 : Universidade do Algarve
4 : Universidade Aberta
5 : Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology  -  Website
* : Corresponding author

This work presents "The Muge Shellmiddens Project: a new portal for the last hunter-gatherers of the Tagus Valley, Portugal" that focuses on the requalification and valorization of the archaeological and paleoanthropological heritage of the Mesolithic complex of Muge (Tagus Valley, Portugal), classified as Portuguese National Monument since 2011. It is a new multidisciplinary and innovative approach that involves the development of cybernetic infrastructures and e-science initiatives, that in turn will allow: (1) a systematization of the archaeological data collected over the last 150 years in Muge, implementing an online database that offers the possibility of storing, consulting and performing analytical-interpretative and spatial queries of archaeological, paleoanthropological, paleoenvironmental and historiographic data; (2) the creation of interactive didactic and dissemination contents based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. With these approaches, the project intends to promote a new path of scientific and cultural access to the Muge shellmiddens, transporting the Mesolithic to the present in a vibrant, as well as informative way.

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