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One by one. A case study of the multiple grave VI-2 at Dudka cemetery, Masuria, NE-Poland.
Karolina Bugajska  1@  
1 : Warsaw

The cemetery at Dudka site was used in the Mesolithic and in the Para-Neolithic (Zedmar Culture). It yielded over 29 graves and at least 114 individuals. Graves were mostly collective and contained different burial types – primary, secondary and cremation ones. In most cases all remains were deposited in given grave at once. The only unquestionable exception is grave VI-2 with at least seven individuals. There were three sitting primary burials, at least three secondary inhumations and a concentration of burned human bones. The poster will present taphonomical analyses of the grave in order to determine how many times grave was used and to reconstruct the sequence of the burials.

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