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The Eastern Link – a link to the past
Tom Carlsson  1, *@  
1 : County board, Linköping, Östergötland
* : Corresponding author

My poster is a introduction the largest infrastructure project ever in Sweden. The railway project starts just outside Stockholm and ends some 150 kilometers to the south, in the town of Linköping, in Eastern Middle Sweden.

The railway affects more than 500 prehistoric sites: settlements, grave fields, celtic fields, prehistoric castles and so on. Since the first field surveys started in the early 2000´s hundreds of Mesolithic sites have been discovered. Now, more extended excavations just have started, and we expect some hundred Mesolithic sites to give us new information for the first pioneers to the arrived at the scattered islands in the peninsula ca 10 000 cal BC to the Neolithic farmers to settle in 3900 cal BC.

Except the many excavation there also is a vast paleoecology project giving a helping hand to understand land uplift and landscape transformation.

The Eastern Link project gives us a great opportunity to really understand people acting and reacting to the constantly transforming Mesolithic landscape in Eastern Middle Sweden. 

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