Technical guidances

Please look at our new page "technical guidances" to get advices on how to record your online presentations or poster!

From a technical point of view, probably in July, all presenters will have to send us their presentation combining slides and narration, recorded in English in English in a video format. These will be put online on a restricted website and possibly on a dedicated Youtube channel. This last possibility will only be possible with the written agreement of the communicators, to be validated on the registration form (also compulsory to have the password giving access to the online communications: These communications will last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Please respect the 16:9 format for your slideshows and if possible use our templates (available here for Mircosoft Powerpoint or LibreOffice).

Posters will be either image or PDF files in A1 format, or short presentations limited to 5 slides without narration.

All presentations will be available several days before the conference. During the week of the congress itself, time for online discussions (live video and chat) will be scheduled and moderated by the session organizers (see the provisional online program:; please note that the times indicated are those of France).



Sept. 7-11, 2020 brique_silhou Congress
June 29, 2020 brique_silhou Edition of the abstracts book
June 1, 2020


Publication of the program
May 15, 2020 brique_claire Beginning of the announcement of the successful proposals
April 17, 2020 brique_claire Closing of the call for papers and posters
Dec. 10, 2019


Publication of the list of sessions and opening of the call for papers and posters
Sept. 15, 2019 brique_claire Call for sessions close
April 1, 2019 brique_claire
Call for sessions open


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