The organisers wish that the proceedings of this tenth conference be published as quickly and widely as possible. For this reason, your contribution must necessarily be submitted before April 30, 2021.

Despite our unwavering commitment to paper publications, experience has shown how difficult, and sometimes impossible, it is to achieve a rapid publication of such conferences. We have therefore opted for an exclusively electronic publication. All published articles (in English only) will have a specific DOI but will be gathered in a virtual collection allowing access, if necessary, to the entire volume of proceedings.

This choice offers several advantages:

  • an unlimited (but reasonable) size of the articles: we recommand a length of 4,000–10,000 words, excluding the bibliography and figure captions, and a maximum of 15 figures and tables,
  • the possibility of attaching voluminous additional data,
  • publication of the papers over several months (between 6 months and a year after the conference itself),
  • free and open dissemination of all articles, thus ensuring the widest possible distribution.

The partner publisher of the congress is De Gruyter.

You can find here the General Guidelines for this publication and the Specific Information of this special issue.



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