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Topic: Material Productions (2 documents)
Session: Thing theory and lithics (8 documents)
Session: Material productions (varia) (9 documents)
Topic: Cultural traditions, regional identites and transitions (2 documents)
Session: The Great Transition - Early-Mid Holocene biological and cultural transformations (13 documents)
Session: Cultural and regional identities (varia) (9 documents)
Topic: Animal and Plant Resources  (5 documents)
Session: From animals to osseous remains: recent advances in the study of human-animal relationships in the Mesolithic (15 documents)
Session: Beyond the nutshell: diet, cooking and cuisine in the Mesolithic (6 documents)
Session: Striving for affluence - Active resource management and natural storage in hunter-gatherer societies (8 documents)
Session: Living on the coast: maritime hunter-fisher-gatherers, shell middens and the use of marine resources in Mesolithic Europe (9 documents)
Session: Multidisciplinal approaches to the uses of plants as food, medicine and raw material by mesolithic communities (7 documents)
Topic: People in their Environnement (2 documents)
Session: Environmental Change, Cultural Landscapes and Human Adaptations in the Mesolithic (24 documents)
Session: Enculturating landscapes (12 documents)
Topic: Art, symbols and rituals (3 documents)
Session: The place of art in Mesolithic societies: from technical gesture to graphic abstraction (12 documents)
Session: Death and the dead: new approaches to Mesolithic mortuary practices (12 documents)
Session: Reconstructing the life histories of people, animals and things in Mesolithic funerary archaeology (8 documents)
Topic: Methodology and theories (3 documents)
Session: Modelling the Mesolithic (13 documents)
Session: Experimental Archaeology in Mesolithic Research (9 documents)
Session: A Little Give & Take: Studying Mesolithic Archaeology and Studying Hunter-Gatherers in 202 (5 documents)
Topic: Current research (22 documents)
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