Meso10: publication - deadline for papers: May, 31

About the proceedings, all papers will be published exclusively online and will be freely accessible to all immediately upon publication. They will be the subject of a virtual collection within those of our publisher, De Gruyter, which will allow access, if necessary, to the entire volume of proceedings. Everyone will therefore be able to distribute their paper largely and free of charge, and every paper will bear a specific DOI which will ensure its correct referencing.

In view of the difficult health context, we have decided to extend the deadline to May 31, which is a strict deadline.

All the recommendations are on the page To sum up, we recommand a length of between 4,000 and 10,000 words, excluding the bibliography and figure captions, and a maximum of 15 figures and tables.Remember too about the possibility of attaching online voluminous additional data: photographies, tables, inventories, 3D models, etc.


April,10 : the first papers are online! Read them at



Apr.-Dec, 2022 brique_silhou Publication of the proceedings
Nov.21/Aug.22 brique_silhou Papers evaluation and correction
May. 31, 2022


Deadline for receipt of manuscripts
Sept. 7-11, 2020


late July - early August, 2020


Deadline for receipt of posters and communications videos
July 6, 2020


Edition of the abstracts book
June 1, 2020


Publication of the program
May 15, 2020 brique_claire Beginning of the announcement of the successful proposals
April 17, 2020 brique_claire Closing of the call for papers and posters
Dec. 10, 2019


Publication of the list of sessions and opening of the call for papers and posters
Sept. 15, 2019 brique_claire Call for sessions close
April 1, 2019 brique_claire
Call for sessions open


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